We believe art and culture are catalysts for a better future

We are a culture sector consultancy. We work with a wide range of cultural organisations and initiatives across the Middle East, Europe and the United States. From the tangible and permanent – governmental bodies, museums, public art and heritage sites –  to the temporal or intangible – cultural programmes or the preservation of oral histories. We are also proud to work directly with artists and believe in the huge potential of art and culture to act as a catalyst for a sustainable future.

We develop and implement strategies and tools that enable, promote and protect art and culture

We bridge cultural and artistic knowledge and sensitivity with best practice strategic and management frameworks

We create and shape cultural strategy. We create new cultural organisations. We conceptualise, plan and deliver cultural projects and programmes. We build sustainable practices for the culture sector. Thes are our areas of services:

+ Strategic & Organisation Planning

+ Cultural programming & Management

+ Public Art Planning

+ Sustainability Planning

U. Loves

Leandro Erlich – Order of Importance (2019)

A site-specific commission by Miami Beach City, curated by Ximena Caminos in collaboration with Brandi Reddick

In 2019 the Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich showcased a monumental site-specific installation intended to recast the 21St century traffic jam on the ocean front of Lincoln Road in Miami, a commission by the City of Miami Beach in collaboration with curator Ximena Caminos. The temporary installation comprised of 66 life-size sand replicas of cars and trucks will be left to slowly degrade throughout the duration of the 15-day exhibition. The sand replicas of vehicles frozen in time symbolize a harsh and rigid modernity that is at odds with natural and porous material of which they are made. Throughout his career, Erlich has combined elements of sculpture, architecture, and theatre to create surreal environments that disrupt the audience’s natural view of the world.