20 February 2023

Our environmental goals

Aligned with our sustainability vision for the culture sector, as an organisation our aim is to:

+  Support cultural actors through our services  to harness and foster the power of art and culture as a catalyst for a better and more sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants, including supporting them to become sustainable cultural organisations and projects 

+ To lead by example by embedding sustainability planning into our own organisation, including measuring, reporting and minimizing our carbon footprint 

+ In line with the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) guidelines and arts sector targets reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 when compared to our 2019 baseline.   


The environmental impact of our organisation is small. We acknowledge that the largest environmental impact comes from the client work we carry out and the practices of the industry we work in. Therefore, we will:

+  Share the UreCulture culture sector sustainability strategy with our clients so that they can consider implementing it in their organisations and projects. We acknowledge that we may have limited influence over which clients decide to embark on this sustainability journey with us, however we will make this possibility accessible to all.

+  Reach out to new clients to specifically offer sustainability planning services for their culture sector organisation and/or project.

+  Implement sustainability planning services where our client’s chose to embed sustainability in their project or organisation.


We commit to keeping our environmental impact small and will minimise air travel where possible (when it is necessary, we will report it and take responsibility) and also consider efficiency in our behaviours, procurement and consumption of energy resources. We will report on our footprint and objectives once per year. 


To take responsibility for our small environmental impact UreCulture is committed to giving 1% of our gross profits to 1% for the Planet. UreCulture is a member of the 1% for the Planet alliance, an organisation supporting approved non-profit environmental and social organisations around the world.


Carry out pro-bono work for organisations committed to sustainability or wellbeing and/or for artists who are actively contributing to raising awareness for sustainability, whether environmental or social with their work.


Harness the power of art and culture to transform society and raise awareness for sustainability by:

+  Using our communication channels to highlight work of artists and organisations that do just this.

+  Encouraging our clients to Curate for the Planet and its People when planning their museums, exhibitions, artworks and other public engagement activities.

Where possible creating discourse, collaboration and connection within the culture industry to help the transition to a sustainable framework.