UreCulture supports the culture sector in achieving its mission working through the lens of regenerative sustainability. Our mission is to support cultural actors to become leaders in sustainability.

We do this by developing and implementing strategies, roadmaps and plans that enable, promote and protect art and culture. We bridge cultural and artistic practices with management and sustainability frameworks to deliver and manage complex projects and organisations.

Dedicated to culture sector work for over 15 years

UreCulture is a cultural agency servicing the culture sector since 2018. UreCulture was founded by Managing Director Nicky Ure to build on her 8 years of experience delivering high-profile cultural projects and initiatives in a senior management role at the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi.

Europe based with a focus on the Gulf region

UreCulture has its company base in Madrid, Spain, working with Spanish and European clients. However, our specialisation is in the Gulf region servicing clients and projects mainly in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sustainability is embedded in our DNA and work

UreCulture is committed to regeneration and sustainability which translates across our company values and through the services we offer to our clients. We are Active Members of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) and member of the GCC Spain Committee.


Nicky Ure, Managing Director - Ure Culture

Nicky Ure

Founder & Managing Director

Karen García

UreCulture Manager

Elena Ruiz, PhD

Sustainability & ESG Advisor


about nicky ure

“Art and culture manifest in so many diverse ways, yet they uniquely unify humankind. Across history and time they have been a powerful catalyst for dialogue, impact and change in society. The role that arts will have to play in our transition to a sustainable future will be critical and I am excited to be part of this.

The development and management of cultural assets is key to supporting the role that culture plays for society. My contribution to the culture sector projects and initiatives has always navigated the intersection of cultural and artistic expertise, with strategy and management. This is why after four years working as a UK lawyer and a decade working for arts and culture public sector, I founded UreCulture. The current focus of my work is to support culture sector actors to step into leadership roles in the transition to a more sustainable and regenerative paradigm for our planet and its inhabitants. The transition to a new paradigm led by new thinking and a regenerative approach is the challenge of our time, and art and culture have an important role to play.

Our role at UreCulture is to realise our clients’ vision through shaping, progressing and delivering successful cultural assets that serve society, whilst also respecting and regenerating our planet. We are proud to work with a host of inspiring artists and cultural organisations in the Gulf region and Europe.”

— Nicky Ure, Founder & Managing Director, UreCulture