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Management & Strategy – Culture, Visual Arts & Heritage

Service Area

Strategic & Organisation Planning

We design operating models and set strategies for cultural organisations or projects, rolling out strategic plans, policies and performance management frameworks.

We provide tailored strategy planning across all functions for new and existing cultural assets and governmental bodies.

Our work centres on developing effective strategies and frameworks for our clients, whilst adapting to the artistic needs of the project’s mission.

How we can help you:

Organisational Design: Develop organisation charts, including reporting lines and development of job descriptions for your employees or team members

Organisational Development: Set up policies, procedures, governance frameworks and performance management systems for you to best operate and manage your organisation

Conceptualise your project into a clear vision, mission and objectives, and implement performance management frameworks. We work closely with curators and other culture sector experts

Translate your concept and strategic mission across the core elements of your organisation or project -in the case of a museum, this would include the collection, public programme and interpretation plan, exhibition design, and publications materials

– Develop implementation plans and roadmaps to deliver your cultural organisation or project strategy

Oversee the development of your brand and key strategic messages, and ensure consistent and relevant translation across your marketing tools and communication channels

Service Area

Cultural Programming & Management

We conceptualise ideas and plan, deliver and manage cultural programmes and initiatives, which include specialised cultural frameworks and contractual agreements.

We specialise in the concept planning, management and delivery of cultural programmes and assets in the visual arts and culture heritage sectors.

We work on project planning and project management of exhibitions, art fairs, festivals, digital archives, and other large-scale arts and culture projects and programmes mainly in the GCC, but also in Europe and USA.

How we can help you:

Strategic planning of an annual or seasonal cultural programme calendar for your organisation.

Partnership development and negotiation for arts and culture collaborations.

– Specialised project management for large-scale arts and culture projects, where we develop and manage teams, budgets and timelines to successfully take your project or programme from curatorial concept to full execution. This would include appointing and managing curators, exhibition designers, interpretation and mediation planners, public engagement programmers, art shippers and installers, registrars, marketing and communication agencies, publication editors and more.

Negotiation and drafting of specialised culture sector contracts relating to: loans of artworks and other heritage objects, public art commissions, artwork acquisitions, exhibition collaborations, curatorial services and more.

– Management of archival projects that aim to preserve historical manuscripts through digital and facsimile reproductions.

– Working with curators and academics to deliver mediation and interpretation content for cultural projects.

Service Area

Public Art Planning

We develop planning frameworks for the commissioning, acquisition and delivery of public art projects, including the preparation and negotiation of specialised public art commission agreements.

How we can help you:

Commissioning, acquisition and management of public art, including preparation and negotiation of public art commission agreements (whether the artwork is acquired or loaned, permanent or temporary)

Frameworks and models for the commissioning process, production and installation / de-installation and budget planning

– Industry practice, commercial and legal terms relating to public art such as: intellectual property, liability, insurance, production, transfer of title, financial terms, care and maintenance, as well as the deaccessioning, removal or change of location of the artwork