Leandro Erlich, Order of Importance, 2019

A site-specific commission by Miami Beach City, curated by Ximena Caminos in collaboration with Brandi Reddick. Photo courtesy Leandro Erlich Studio.

In 2019 the Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich showcased a monumental site-specific installation intended to recast the 21st century traffic jam on the ocean front of Lincoln Road in Miami, a commission by the City of Miami Beach in collaboration with curator Ximena Caminos. The temporary installation comprised of 66 life-size sand replicas of cars and trucks will be left to slowly degrade throughout the duration of the 15-day exhibition. The sand replicas of vehicles frozen in time symbolize a harsh and rigid modernity that is at odds with natural and porous material of which they are made. Throughout his career, Erlich has combined elements of sculpture, architecture, and theatre to create surreal environments that disrupt the audience’s natural view of the world.

Climate change and its consequences are no longer a matter of perspective or opinion. The climate crisis has become an objective problem that requires immediate solutions. As an artist, I am in a constant struggle to make people aware of this reality, in particular, the idea that we cannot shrink away from our responsibilities to protect the planet.

— Leandro Elrich —

Order of Importance, Courtesy Leandro Erlich Studio