Sustainability Planning

We believe it is time for the culture sector to align and intentionally participate in the transition to a sustainable future. Based on the concepts and strategies of University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and working with specialists in the field, UreCulture has developed a 6 Step Plan to align your cultural project or organisation to a sustainable framework.

We can support your cultural organisation or project to:

  • Embed sustainability into your strategy
  • Plan and prepare for the impact of climate change, as well as for the transition to a net-zero economy
  • Carry out a carbon and environmental impact audit to develop new ways of thinking to become more sustainable
  • Intentionally support sustainability by ´curating for the planet´ and seeking innovate solutions and opportunities
  • Become a sustainability leader for the culture sector


Tangible & Relevant for the Culture Sector

We work with top sustainability experts

Integrity with our own values and strategy