Public Art Planning

Public art is generally defined as art located in the public realm, and usually, but not always, commissioned specifically for the site where it will be located.

We can support cultural organisations and artists with the following:

    • We advise on the commissioning, acquisition and management of public art
    • We advise on the development, preparation and negotiation of public art commission contracts (whether the artwork is acquired or loaned)
    • We advise on the key areas that are relevant to public art commissions:
      • frameworks and models for the commissioning and art work production process
      • Industry practice, commercial and legal terms relating to public art such as: Intellectual property, liability, insurance, production, transfer of title, financial terms, care and maintenance, as well as the deaccessioning, removal or change of location of the artwork


Legal expertise

Our staff have a legal background and therefore are able to draft and negotiate contracts with this experience at hand. We have in depth knowledge of the legalities and commercial terms that are most critical to both artists and institutions for public art commissions.

Artistic context

We combine our legal and commercial expertise with the integrity of the artistic process and artists. We strike the balance between implementing the best legal and commercial terms for artists or institutions, while always keeping in mind the specific nature, needs and context of art industry practice.

High Profile Experience

We have worked with top international artists to deliver large scale public art projects for high profile governmental entities.