At UreCulture we believe in a flexible and collaborative working model which benefits both our clients and experts and allows for culture sector knowledge and expertise to be shared across the globe. We are proud to have built over the years a wide-range network of culture sector experts who are based all over the world.One a case by case basis, we curate the best team for each project from this network.

These are some of the culture sector profiles we work with:

Curators & Public Programmers

They pull together art and/or artistic talent in a meaningful narrative to be shared with the public. They curate exhibitions, art events, public programmes and/or also develop museum or institutional collections.

Cultural Policy & Heritage Experts

They develop general cultural policy at a governmental level; some specialize in heritage, managing and promoting heritage sites and intangible heritage assets.

HR & Capacity Building Experts

They design organisational structures and frameworks, develop job descriptions and the talent required for the culture sector institutions.

Marketing & Communications Experts

They create brands and promote and communicate all types of cultural institutions and programmes.

Exhibition Design & Interpretation Experts

They design your exhibition or cultural centre and interpret content (whether that be a collection, exhibition or research) into an array of interpretation or mediation tools to engage the audience.

Art Patrons & Collector Development Experts

The art eco-system needs collectors to buy arts from artists, we know many people are doing great work to support this development and who are also art market experts.

Museum Management Professionals

They help make museums work in a sustainable way, including developing business plans, governance frameworks and managing museum operations.


They are at the heart of the culture sector and we know and love many, in addition to their art, they can be excellent points of input for strategic planning processes.

Conservators & Registrars

They are charged with all aspects of the care of artworks and objects, including loans and transportation of collections.