We are a culture sector consultancy focusing on the visual arts and heritage industries for clients across the Middle East and Europe.


UreCulture was founded in 2017 by managing director Nicky Ure. Working with a network of culture sector experts across the globe, we curate the best team for each project.


A unique and specialised experience coupled with our dynamic and varied culture sector background. We have a personal and practical approach, stepping in to become part of our client’s team where needed.


We are a global consulting practice with our company base in Madrid, Spain. Our team travel frequently to the Middle East and Europe. We work in both English and Spanish.


“Art and culture have a significant and important role to play for our evolution as humans and as a society. Art acts as a mirror of society but also has the power to transform and rearrange that same society. As the philosopher Alva Noë describes, art is a ‘strange tool’ that reveals, transforms and reorganises not only the artist who created it but also society at large. Culture is the evolving manifestation of who we are and offers us a powerful thread that connects humanity.

The development and management of cultural assets is key to supporting the role that culture plays for society. This is where we see the powerful intersection of cultural and artistic sensitivity, and strategy and business management. My background and experience has always navigated this intersection and this is why after a decade working in the sector, I founded UreCulture in 2017.

At UreCulture, we offer a professional sensibility to multiple stakeholder needs, from artists and curators, to governments and corporate bodies. Clients come to us for exactly this reason. We bridge the softer side of arts and culture with the pragmatic business side. Our role is to realise our client’s vision through shaping, progressing and delivering successful cultural assets that serve society. We are proud to work with a host of inspiring people and organisations around the world.”

Nicky Ure,

Managing Director



UreCulture was established to build on founder Nicky Ure’s unique experience with high profile projects in the Middle East culture sector. Nicky was part of the team who developed the organisational structures and strategic frameworks for Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT), as well as its museums, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and Zayed National Museum. Nicky worked on the set-up and management of other key cultural assets: the annual art platform and fair, Abu Dhabi Art; the 15400 sqm art exhibition centre Manarat Al Saadiyat; and the large-scale heritage festival Qasr Al Hosn Festival. Nicky’s role as Director of Programmes for DCT also involved overseeing the strategic planning and implementation of cultural programmes across all DCT cultural assets in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Prior to working in the culture sector, Nicky worked as a banking lawyer in a top international city law firm in their offices in London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

Working with a network of experts across the global arts and cultural sphere, Nicky will add to her experience by curating the best team for each project.